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Trump is going after who?-Hour 1

News Radio 1200 WOAI

Representative Andy Biggs from Arizona talks with Joe this hour about the debt ceiling interview you don't want to miss

Ted Poe joins-Hour 3

Former U.S. Representative Ted Poe joins Joe at the bottom of this hour talking about the budget and the debt ceiling bill up for a vote in the House tonight

Rep. Andy Biggs interview

Amazing interview with Rep. Andy Biggs on this ridiculous deal made by Speaker McCarthy. It's truly embarrassing to see how easily he was rolled by the left.

The latest on the Debt Ceiling-Hour 2

Lauren Boebert joins Joe at the bottom of this hour talking about debt... and the debt ceiling deal made by House Speaker McCarthy and President Biden.

Attorney General Ken Paxton impeached?-Hour 1

They have impeached the Attorney General of Texas... Joe explains why it's illegal and how the timing is suspect.

Time for some Kray News-Hour 3

It's Tuesday that means it's time for Cray News with Kay!

Lauren Boebert interview

Lauren spells out how Speaker McCarty has it wrong with this so-called deal on the Debt ceiling.

Desantis makes it offical-Hour 1

Ron DeSantis is officially running for President... it's now official. We have an update on Target and the "tuck friendly" bathing suits... and Joe has a parody on that topic.. you don't want to miss it.

KJP has a new favorite word-Hour 2

Author and journalist Chadwick Moore joins Joe at the bottom of this hour talking about his new book and Tucker Carlson