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The Joe Pags Show

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The Fourth Cheapest Thanksgiving In History?-Hour 1

Should You Be Allowed To Boo A Player?-Hour 2

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich chastises fans booing former Spur Kawhi Leonard on Wednesday. Pags gives his thoughts. PLUS...Gregg Jarrett has a new book out... he talks with Joe about the U.S. Constitution and other patriotic documents.

Language Justice-Hour 3

A Denver school district is among the first in the country to adopt a “language justice” policy. Pags breaks down this story and gives his thoughts. PLUS...It's Monday... that means it's time for Cray News with Kay

Interview With Gregg Jarrett

Gregg Jarrett has a new book out... he talks with Joe about the U.S. Constitution and other patriotic documents, and much more.

The Latest On The Released J6 Tapes-Hour 1

It's Free Speech Friday on The Joe Pags Show! News on the J6 tapes

More On The Jan 6th Tapes-Hour 2

House Speaker Mike Johnson announced he will publicly release all Capitol Hill security footage from January 6, 2021, that does not contain sensitive information. Pags gives his thoughts. PLUS...Kari Lake is running for U.S. Senate from Arizona....she joins Joe at the bottom of this hour

Texas Governor To Sign SB4-Hour 3

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign a new law that allows state and local police to arrest anyone suspected of crossing the Texas-Mexico border without documentation. Pags gives his thoughts. PLUS...Movie maker Dinesh D'Souza talks with Joe, his movie Police State is still available...go check it out

Interview with Kari Lake

Kari Lake joins Pags to talk about her Senate Run, the Southern Border, Ukraine Funding, Media Biases, and much more

Bin Laden Letter Trends-Hour 1

Why is the Bin Laden letter to America trending on social media? Joe breaks that story down and more

FCC Votes To Eliminate Digital Discrimination-Hour 2

The FCC has enacted new rules intended to eliminate discrimination in access to internet services, a move which regulators are calling the first major U.S. digital civil rights policy. Pags breaks it all down. PLUS...FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr talks with Joe this hour... is President Biden trying to take over the internet completely?