Joe Pags Show's 7 Most Listened to Podcasts of 2017

As we come to the end of another year of the Joe Pags Show, we could not be more thankful and appreciative of all the love and support from loyal listeners that have been with the show for years. As well as, new listeners that have joined the Pags posse whether through Newsmax TV or via a new affiliate station. We hope to keep growing and adding more cities in 2018. 

To recap 2017 for the Joe Pags Show, we compiled a list of the most streamed podcasts on our iHeartRadio show channel this year. You'll notice the first few at the top of the lists have significantly more listens than others on the list. That can usually be attributed to those podcasts being picked up by other media outlets and shared with their audiences. (Just to give you some insight on the numbers.) 

Okay, here are the top seven podcasts for our show this year. Thanks for listening!  

1. Joe Pags Show (8-29-17)


SHOW SUMMARY: GUEST Eric Trump, GUEST Ted Cruz, latest on Hurricane Harvey, Trump in Texas, dumb attacks on Melania Trump, Joel Osteen opens Lakewood Church as shelter 

2. Joe Pags Show (9-5-17)


SHOW SUMMARY: GUEST Houston hero Mattress Mack, GUEST Kerri Kasem continues to help in Rockport, Sessions announcement that DACA would be rescinded, Narcos TV show, Social Media attacks  

3. Joe Pags Show (9-12-17)


SHOW SUMMARY: GUEST Newt Gingrich, GUEST Journalist Robyn Walensky, Christopher Columbus statue vandalized, price gouging, Hillary Clinton blames more people in her new book 

4. Joe Pags Show (11-17-17)


SHOW SUMMARY: GUEST Ted Cruz, Free Speech Friday calls, Roy Moore, Al Franken allegations 

5. Joe Pags Show (10-26-17)


SHOW SUMMARY: Amazon wants access to your house, GUEST Ed Timperlake, Uranium one, Dossier, surprised Clintons are involved? GUEST Pamela Gellar, Trump Tweets, Ellen’s gift to Katy Perry shows double standard, Pags secret meeting in Washington D.C. 

6. Joe Pags Show (10-13-17)


SHOW SUMMARY: GUEST David Bugenske a witness at the Las Vegas shooting massacre recounts his experience, Free Speech Friday calls, Pags talks about the uncomfortable ‘race’ topic,  NFL players, anthem protests 

7. Joe Pags Show (11-3-17)


SHOW SUMMARY: GUEST President Donald Trump joins Pags, GUEST Special Assistant to the President Cliff Sims, GUEST Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, Free Speech Friday calls. 

The Joe Pags Show will be back January 2nd! 

The Joe Pags Show

The Joe Pags Show

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