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BHS- 8A - MACRO with Jason Middleton and Musings with Mo Kelly

BHS - 7A - The 5 Key Rulings SCOTUS Needs to Decide On and Merck Sues the U.S. Government

The United States Supreme Court has some work to get done before the end of the month. Handel talks about the 5 key rulings that need to be decided on by June 20th. Americans are waiting longer to get married; some couples used to marry first, then build a life together. Now, they're building their lives first. And Merck sued the U.S. government this week over a new Medicare drug pricing negotiation program - Handel unpacks the lawsuit and highlights the basis for the challenge.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Jennifer Jones Lee accompany Bill for Handel on the News. A raging wildfire in Quebec is driving intense smoke farther across the eastern U.S. and Canada. Our own KFI In The Sky's Jeff Baugh passed away yesterday at the age of 81 following a battle with lung cancer. And a man who killed a scientist from Irvine while he was camping with his children in Calabasas has received a 119-year prison sentence.

BHS - 8A - The Worsening Housing Crisis in America and Handel & The House Whisperer

The American housing crisis is about to get worse. State Farm, Allstate and AIG have all stopped issuing homeowner policies in certain states and it is not going to get any better. California's competitive edge is declining according to a new economic study. And Dean Sharp returns for an all-new edition of Handel and The House Whisperer! Dean is focusing on techonology this week, and how it continues to change at a rapid rate; how do you keep up when it comes to updating the tech in your home?

BHS - 7A - Newsom v. DeSantis Heats Up and Introducing The "Office of Unarmed Response"

The battle between governors Newsom and DeSantis has not only started to heat up regarding the immigration issue, but now it's getting ugly, as the two begin attacking one another and making threats. The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously approved a $1 million allocation to fund the "Office of Unarmed Response." Is that enough money? And what will the division do, exactly?

Handel on the News

Jennifer Jones Lee and Wayne Resnick accompany Bill for Handel on the News. Florida says that it transported migrants to Sacramento, officially taking responsibility. Fights broke out at a Glendale school district meeting on Tuesday while discussing the inclusion of LGBTQ+ studies. And supervisors have voted that no pride flags will be flown outside of any Orange County government buildings.

BHS - 8A - 'Tech Tuesday' with Rich DeMuro and Reflecting on D-Day

KFI's Tech Reporter is live from Apple's Headquarters in Cupertino, California, for an all-new edition of 'Tech Tuesday'! Yesterday was the Worldwide Developer's Conference at Apple, so Rich unpacks all of the new hardware and software announced by the company, including a new $3500 augmented reality headset expected to hit shelves this Fall. Then, a look back at D-Day, and why the World War II invasion remains important on what is its 79th Anniversary.

BHS - 7A - Newsom Threatens DeSantis with Kidnapping Charges and Biden's Failed Student Debt Relief Plan

A second plane arrived in Sacramento with immigrants, and now CA Governor Gavin Newsom is threatening Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with kidnapping charges. President Biden promised student loan debt relief, but has fallen short in his plans. Robert Hanseen, FBI Agent who was exposed as a spy for Moscow, has passed away at the age of 79 while serving a life-sentence in jail. And do you pride yourself on the ratings you leave at businesses? Well, the 5-star-review has lost its luster as of late.

Handel on the News

Jennifer Jones Lee is back! She and Wayne accompany Bill for Handel on the News. SAG-AFTRA members have approved a strike authorization by an overwhelming margin. Another landslide has halted passenger rail service in SoCal. And an arson investigation is underway after a fire burned the Watts church for the second time in 2 years.

BHS - 8A - California Considering Loosening Work Rules and 'Do They Have A Case?' with Wayne Resnick

As the United States tightens its work rules, California is considering loosening them. Also, violence against teachers is up across the U.S., as the number of assault-related Workers' Compensation claims are at a 5 year high. Then, Wayne Resnick joins the show for an all-new edition of 'Do They Have A Case?'!