The Simpsons Would-Be Series Finale Episode’s Plot Revealed

If The Simpsons were ever to see their series finale, executive producer Al Jean has revealed what the final episode would look like, and it’s bound to bring its viewers to tears.

The show has been running since 1989 and shows no signs of slowing down.

For the die-hard fans, you’ll remember the first episode of the show when the family goes to the Christmas pageant. To bring the show full-circle, Jean envisions them doing the same thing in the finale.

In a chat with Digital Spy, Jean said: “Well, it might be like the Heisenberg principle, in that now that I’ve stated it, it’s less likely to happen.” “I just thought that the beautiful thing about that would be that the whole show would never have an end. It would be a loop, and you’d never go –.”

The Executive Producer also added that animators never want their characters to age or grow, so he felt it appropriate to send the family back around on a loop, being the “perfect end to the show.”

Fans shouldn’t be too worried about their beloved animated series, as it’s been renewed for 2 more seasons at least. “Fortunately, we are not tasked with coming up with an ending any time soon,” said Jean. “Nobody’s going, ‘Let’s wrap it up.’ No-one. So, we’ll see.”

Since FOX was acquired by Disney, The Simpsons have been able to have some fun crossovers, including Star Wars and Marvel.

In celebration of Disney’s Disney+ Day last week, The Simpsons in Plusaversary saw the famous family encounter iconic Disney characters like Goofy and The Seven Dwarves. Additionally, The Simpsons is available on Disney’s streaming app Disney+.

The acquisition of FOX by Disney fortunately had no trickle-down effects on the writers and execs. According to Jean, “When [FOX was] bought, [they] were just told, ‘You are who you are. Be yourself. And we’ll try to let you do what you do,’ and that’s what happened.”

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