Alligator attacks, injures man at Florida park

A bicyclist was attacked by a 9-foot long alligator at a park in Stuart, Florida!
The man was riding his bike on a designated trail at Halpatiokee Regional Park when he lost control and fell into an embankment of water.

It was said he landed close to a female alligator who was near her nest, reports said.
After he fell, the gator bit the man, and severely injured him.

"The cyclist was able to break free then crawl to an area where he was assisted by a bystander," the sheriff's office said.

Rescue workers secured the scene and drove the man more than a mile to a medical helicopter. He was then airlifted to a medical center in Fort Pierce with "traumatic" injuries, Fire Rescue official Shawn Lisowy said.

Trapper John Davidson was able to locate and trap the gator following the attack.
"You got to be careful when you're around the water, especially this time of year," said Davidson. "The females are sitting on nests and are particularly aggressive."

Even the thought of being attacked by an alligator in and of itself is scary, it doesn't happen as often as you think.
Gators generally do not attack humans for a number of reasons, but again, can be aggressive during nesting season.

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