Hero Amazon Delivery Guy Kills Giant Spider for Customers

Despite the imminent risk, Amazon workers not only delivered this woman's package directly to her front door, but also released her to leave the house!

No, it wasn't a kidnapping or a hostage situation...
Well, it was kind of a hostage situation.

An Amazon customer who lives in Texas, who goes by "gwennie sanchez" (Gwen) on TikTok, shared a terrifying spider dilemma. Giant arachnids were on the porch, spending time right above the doorbell camera!

So, she asked Amazon to keep her package somewhere else. Gwen also demanded, "it would be great if you could kill a spider for me."

Well, lo and behold, *cues "Hero" by Mariah Carey*, the Amazon deliveryman undertook it to himself to help his customers! He took off his shoes and well... to keep this PG-13, let's just say the arachnids are no longer with us.

Gwen is asking the public for help to find the Amazon driver so she can thank him. We're not sure if she found him, but hey, at least Gwen is able to use the front door again.

You can see our Amazon hero below in Gwen's TikTok!

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