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National Taco Day and the Golden Age of Beer Commercials

Paging Jill Biden Ph.D.: It’s National Taco Day! Perhaps she wants to once again compare Hispanics to breakfast burritos.

Remember when Taco Bell had that Chihuahua mascot, Gidget? She passed away, sadly. Thoughts and prayers.

Will they bring back the dog, or would that be racist? Spuds MacKenzie was great!

He even got his own cartoon parodies, he was so much a part of Americana.

Remember the days of football, beer, and hot chicks in commercials?

Or remember the sweet Bud Lite ads with Dr. Galazkiewicz?

Boy, let’s get a little MAGA: Make America’s Beer Commericals Great Again.

What was your favorite beer commerical from the golden age of golden suds?

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