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Electric Era Technologies, a leader in revolutionizing the world’s EV fast charging infrastructure with its proprietary PowerNode™ EV fast charging stations, today announced the launch of the first of more than 10 commercial installations across the United States this year, with a goal of 10,000 PowerNode EV fast-charging station installations across the U.S. by 2030.

A ribbon cutting for the PowerNode™ Electric Vehicle Charging Station was celebrated at the Plaid Pantry convenience store at 6060 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, Oregon on November 10th, with comments from Jonathan Polonsky, Plaid Pantry chairman and CEO and Sith Dharmasiri, VP of software at Electric Era. 

“Today marks a critical milestone in our mission to power the future of EV transportation and bring fast charging to EV drivers when and where they need it, while delivering new revenue streams and customers to quick service retailers across the US,” said Electric Era CEO Quincy Lee. “Not only are we increasing access to affordable fast charging in the communities where we all work, travel and play, our patented battery-buffer technology brings industry-leading reliability while reducing the burden on our overtaxed electrical grids.”

The Plaid Pantry installation is the first-of-its-kind deployment for Electric Era’s patented AC-coupled microgrid EV fast charging technology which combines battery and grid power in real time to distribute to EVs when they charge. The proprietary technology uses 25% of the typical draw from legacy EV chargers on the electrical grid, from 800kW down to 200kW, allowing operators to avoid demand-based operating expenses and bolstering the reliability of aging infrastructure. 

Electric Era dedication to transparency is showcased on its website with live updates on its station reliability metrics. Since its beta launch at the Plaid Pantry store in October, the PowerNode charging station exceeded industry reliability standards with 99.85% charging session reliability and more than 200 vehicles using the charger.  

“We’re proud to lead the way in providing our Portland-area customers with premium, reliable EV fast-charging. Our customers value and trust the quality and convenience that is synonymous with Plaid Pantry. Now, as the go-to location to quickly charge their EV in minutes while making a pit stop or picking up snacks for the road, Plaid Pantry is modeling the future of refill for customers,” said Jonathan Polonsky, Plaid Pantry chairman and CEO.  

A 10-minute charge from the PowerNode charging station can typically deliver 100 miles of range, depending on the vehicle age and onboard technology. 

"Electric Era's PowerNode EV fast charging station combines industry leading reliability, low grid requirements, and the lowest total cost of ownership to enable a whole new business case for retailers,” said Michael D’Aurizio, investment director for climate technology at HSBC Asset Management. “This deployment shows why we invested in Electric Era as they built a premium EV charging station for EV drivers with rocketry levels of reliability." 

The Electric Era founding team comprises former SpaceX engineers dedicated to delivering an evolutionary leap in EV charging with their PowerNode charging station technology and AI-optimized software platform PowerNode-OS. The system enables lower operating costs and more charging sessions per day, unlocking new revenue opportunities for store owners. The stations support all payment types, providing a seamless and intuitive self-serve experience for drivers.

Source: Electric Era

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