Salem Police Use Recruitment Video

As part of several efforts to bolster its officer ranks, the Salem Police Department released a new video today spotlighting the law enforcement career opportunities in Oregon’s capital city. 

Deputy Chief Brandon Ditto who oversees the division responsible for recruitment and hiring explained, “The video features four members of the department who tell the story of what drew them into the career of law enforcement.” The officers’ stories are underscored with imagery of their work and that of their fellow officers in a wide variety of ways, such as specialty assignments with the Bomb Squad, K-9 Unit, or drone program.

“Attracting and hiring a highly qualified workforce representative of our community is critical to providing quality policing services,” said Ditto adding, “We hope the video sparks an interest in those who are still exploring career options, or maybe looking for a career change.”

The video launch is part of several initiatives woven into the department’s strategic plan to enhance recruiting and hiring efforts. Another example is the department’s announcement of its official participation in the national initiative known as the 30x30 Pledge which was announced in March of this year.

The department’s Recruiting Team will be present at upcoming job fairs and events but are also available any time to connect with interested applicants. The department also has a website,, which focuses on assisting job applicants to easily learn about the hiring process, testing requirements, and more. The current listing for entry level officer closes October 30.

“We are the place to be for a law enforcement career,” concluded Ditto. “We are on the forefront of a new era in policing, so if you are interested, we invite you to be part of it.”

Source: Salem Police

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