Movers Cited For Violations

Choosing the right moving company should include more research than just a quick online search. Entrusting your belongings to an uncertified mover can result in damage, mishandling, overcharging, and even theft.

The Oregon Department of Transportation in partnership with local law enforcement agencies addressed the issue of illegal household goods moving companies in an operation in Clackamas County, Oregon on Wednesday, Aug. 30, to enforce regulations that safeguard the public and uphold the integrity of reputable moving companies.

Law enforcement agencies cited the unauthorized moving companies for failure to obtain a certificate for commercial transportation of property. Others received additional citations or warnings.

In Oregon, moving companies are regulated to keep consumers safe. According to state law, any individual or company offering to transport household items must be certified by ODOT. To get certified, applicants need to prove they are fit, able and willing to provide this service.

By enforcing this statute, ODOT aims to eliminate unlicensed and dishonest moving companies that can be dangerous, provide poor service, and put customers at risk.

During the operation on Wednesday, ODOT's Commerce and Compliance Division invited unauthorized companies that advertise moving services to a location in Clackamas County. Representatives from ODOT, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and the Oregon City Police Department informed the companies about how to become authorized movers in the state.

Nine companies participated, and citations were issued for several violations see list at the end of this release.

The collaboration between ODOT and local law enforcement aims to:

  • Protect Consumers: Prevent fraudulent and unsafe practices that some unauthorized movers might use, like charging too much, damaging items, or stealing belongings.
  • Ensure Fair Competition: Support licensed and trustworthy moving companies by reducing competition from unlicensed movers.
  • Raise Public Awareness: Educate the public about the importance of hiring licensed moving companies for a secure and smooth move.
  • Enforce Regulations: Actively enforce the statute to identify and penalize illegal movers who operate outside the law.
  • Educate Unauthorized Movers: Give unauthorized movers an opportunity to meet ODOT staff and receive information on how to operate in compliance with Oregon’s laws and rules.

Don’t put your stuff or yourself in harm’s way. Tips for Choosing a Moving Company

ODOT advises anyone looking to hire a moving company to:

  • Check Certification: Make sure the mover is certified by ODOT. Intrastate movers should have this certification, which involves background checks and adherence to an approved tariff of prices. You can find Certified movers on ODOT’s Household Goods Moving website.
  • Research: Read reviews and gather information. Be cautious of movers with little information or no physical location.

Complain if Needed: Victims of illegal movers can report issues to the Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Division.

Source: ODOT

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