Oregon Sends More Crews To Southern Oregon Fire

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek invoked the Emergency Conflagration Act for the Smith River Complex to allow the Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) to mobilize structural firefighting resources to protect life and property. The OSFM is mobilizing additional firefighters, equipment, and an incident management team to provide structure protection for homes threatened by the Smith River Complex. The Smith River Complex began in California and has now burned across state lines into Oregon. Level 3 evacuation orders are in place. Last Thursday, OSFM mobilized two structural task forces through immediate response to protect communities near the Smith River Complex ahead of a conflagration declaration. 

In accordance with ORS 476.510-476.610, Governor Kotek determined that the fire poses a threat to life, safety, and property, and the threat exceeds the firefighting capabilities of local firefighting personnel and equipment. The governor's declaration cleared the way for the state fire marshal to mobilize firefighters and equipment to assist local resources in battling the fire and further support a coordinated response. 

The OSFM's Blue Incident Management Team will be briefed and assume unified command of the Smith River Complex on August 29th at 8 a.m. The additional task forces are coming from other counties around the state through the Oregon Fire Mutual Aid System to protect life and property. 

Source: Oregon State Fire Marshal

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