Updated Oregon Map Released

Photo: Ford, Brad

150 years ago - on August 20, 1873 - the oil burning wicks of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse were lit for the first time, welcoming mariners and warning them about the rocky shores ahead. The lamps burned from sunset to sunrise. Today, the fully automated first order Fresnel lens (the largest and most powerful of Fresnel lenses) runs on commercial power and flashes its unique pattern of 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off, 2 seconds on, 14 seconds off, and it runs 24 hours a day.

That's just a tiny bit of history about one of Oregon's 11 certified lighthouse, timely to point out on National Lighthouse Day today. And it just so happens you can enjoy a beautiful photo of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse on one side of the newly updated Official Oregon State Map. The other side features an approved drone shot of Smith Rock State Park.

The map also includes updates to state highways, interchanges and other roadways as a result of construction projects completed since the last publication, summer 2019. Maps are free and available at visitor centers, DMV offices, chambers of commerce and other outlets. 

The map contains important safety messages, a welcome from Governor Tina Kotek, travel resource contacts, a list of statewide visitor centers and other valuable information for travelers. The map team includes representatives from ODOT’s Geographic Information Services unit, ODOT's Communications group and Travel Oregon. More information, including how to order maps, is available online from ODOT and from Travel Oregon. For organizations that order bulk maps, use this Travel Oregon website.

Source: ODOT

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