TVF&R Stops Wheat Field Fire

Saturday around 2:30 p.m., multiple callers reported an advancing brush fire in a wheat field, threatening neighboring structures and livestock near 12700 SW Westfall Rd in Wilsonville. Based on reports, fire crews upgraded the incident to a first alarm fire to activate additional resources. With dynamic wind conditions and terrain, this incident eventually led to the activation of a second alarm, and later a third alarm. The fire developed to a total size of seven acres before total extinguishment.

On arrival, firefighters found a fast-moving fire in a wheat field that had burned through brush and tree stands separating two properties, spreading into the neighboring property. Crews deployed hose and utilized mobile attacks to slow and control the fire. In addition to the direct fire attack, water shuttle operations were utilized to provide water for extinguishment at the scene.

Efforts kept the fire from spreading to multiple nearby structures and livestock. Firefighters stayed on scene to extinguish hot spots and ensure no additional fire spread. 

No evacuations were required as a result of the fire, with most of the damage occurring to the wheat fields and brush itself. A fire investigator has determined that the fire was caused by agricultural equipment working in the wheat field prior to the fire.

The incident is a reminder that if you live in an area nestled among fields, forests and natural spaces, ensuring you have a 30-foot safety zone around your home where leaves, brush, and other combustibles are eliminated can help firefighters protect your home.

Source: TVF&R

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