Clatsop County Animal Shelter At Capacity

Photo: Ford, Brad

Clatsop County Animal Shelter is at capacity due to an increase in animals it has recently received.

“Doggone it, we’re in the middle of a purrfect storm and it feels like it’s raining cats and dogs,” said Justin Dersham, Clatsop County Animal Control Supervisor. 

“Not only is it kitten season, but we’ve recently received an influx of dogs and cats from two recent hoarding situations and this is the time of year when many people move and may have to give up their pets to obtain new housing,” he said.

Dersham is calling on the public to step up and help ease crowding. “If you’ve ever thought about adopting a dog or kitten, now is the time to act. We need to find new homes for 10-15 loving animals so we can make space for new ones coming in.”

Clatsop County Animal Shelter and Clatsop Animal Assistance have created the Raining Cats and Dogs Pet Adoption Campaign. The goal is to raise public awareness about the urgent need for pet adoptions and for up to 15 animals find good homes in the next three weeks.

A Barkometer has been created to keep the community informed about the pressures the shelter is weathering. It will be regularly updated on social media and Individuals adopting pets during this campaign will receive a Stormer t-shirt as a thank you.

Adoption fees for dogs and cats include spay/neuter fees, vaccinations and other costs. For more information on how to adopt a shelter animal, visit

At this time, approximately 29 animals are on a waiting list to go into the shelter and another 35 animals are in foster homes.

Source: Clatsop County Animal Shelter

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