Interactive Map Shows Testing Following Kmart Fire

Photo: Ford, Brad

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality have published an interactive map showing results of air and debris samples collected in nearby neighborhoods shortly after the fire at the former Kmart in northeast Portland.

To date, no asbestos has been detected in any of the 11 debris samples and 16 air samples confirmed by EPA.

EPA is awaiting confirmation of seven debris samples and 16 air samples, including “activity-based air sampling,” which mimics everyday activities such as walking, mowing lawns, leaf raking, and digging holes. EPA collected a total of 18 fire debris samples and 32 air samples.

Results from these remaining samples will be posted in the coming days at the Former Kmart NE Portland Asbestos Response - Sampling Locations and Results Map.

Find more information about the response at DEQ’s Kmart Fire Asbestos Response webpage.

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