Speeding Teen Crashes Stolen SUV

Photo: Ford, Brad

On Thursday, July 6, 2023, at 3:00 a.m., a Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputy observed a silver 2022 Ford Bronco driving southbound on SW 158th Avenue at SW Walker Road, well above the posted speed limit. The deputy attempted to catch up to the vehicle, which was traveling over 90mph in a 40mph posted zone. 

The deputy did not pursue and lost sight of the vehicle. The deputy continued without their emergency lights or siren activated. Shortly after, the deputy located the vehicle, which had crashed into a PGE pole and rolled onto its side at the Merlo MAX station. The deputy observed one 16-year-old juvenile exit the vehicle, later determining that this was the vehicle's driver.

The deputy asked the juvenile if they were injured, and the juvenile fled the scene on foot. The deputy gave chase, and the juvenile ran into a wooded area near Merlo Station High School. About a minute later, the deputy located the juvenile and detained them without incident. The driver was later transported to the hospital by ambulance for injuries they sustained from the crash. 

Multiple other deputies arrived at the crash scene and located two additional juveniles, 15 and 16 years old, that were passengers. The passengers sustained minor injuries from the crash and were evaluated by medical personnel. The passengers were later released to their parents, and there are no pending criminal charges for the passengers. 

Deputies learned that a third, 16-year-old juvenile passenger fled on foot, but they were not located. 

Deputies learned that the vehicle was an unreported stolen vehicle out of Portland. The vehicle owner told deputies that they left their keys on a key rack in their home and that someone entered their home and stole their keys and wallet. The victim stated that their credit card had attempted to be used in multiple locations. 

The case was referred to the Washington County Juvenile Department and the Portland Police Bureau.

Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office

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