Suspect Attempts To Ram Patrol Car

A man who menaced a Portland Police Officer with a vehicle in the Northwest District Neighborhood is facing charges including felony attempted assault on a police officer.

On Saturday, July 1, 2023 at 6:09p.m., a Central Precinct officer was in uniform, displaying a badge, and driving a fully marked Portland Police Ford Interceptor Utility vehicle, enroute to a call checking on the welfare of a disoriented elderly female in a parked vehicle. The officer noticed a black 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix being driven directly at him. The suspect slammed on his brakes at the last minute, nearly striking the police vehicle. The suspect then circled around, and then accelerated directly at the officer again. The officer attempted to gain distance while requesting cover officers to assist, but the driver continued driving at the officer, causing his tires to skid as he made erratic starts, stops, and turns. As additional units were enroute, the officer then tried to stop the menacing driver. The driver did not stop, and officers pursued him. Officers used spike strips to deflate his tires, then pinned in his vehicle at Northwest Naito Parkway and Northwest Couch Street. The driver tried to drive his vehicle away again, but was stuck. He then surrendered to officers, complied with their commands, and was arrested.

The officers and the suspect were uninjured.

Adolfo Beltran-Megia, Jr, 27, was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of Attempted Assault in the Second Degree, Attempted Assault on a Public Safety Officer, Reckless Endangering another Person, Reckless Driving, Attempt to Elude Police by Vehicle, and Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants. His vehicle was towed.

Source: Portland Police

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