Fred Meyer Increases Security At Portland Stores

Photo: Ford, Brad

Fred Meyer is announcing a significant public-private partnership with the City of Portland. The partnership will help combat crime by increasing additional safety measures allowing Fred Meyer to continue to provide access to fresh, affordable food to all Portland residents. This collaborative approach highlights Fred Meyer's commitment to both its associates and the greater Portland community.

While Portland has experienced an influx of business departures, Fred Meyer is committed to establishing proactive measures, in collaboration, with the Portland Mayor's office, Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell, and local law enforcement to ensure a secure and pleasant shopping experience for everyone.

Fred Meyer's safety enhancement initiative will include:

  • increased security presence at stores
  • elevated store interior, parking lot and doorway safety protocols
  • advanced receipt verification
  • significant investments in innovative security technology

In addition to the implementation of these safety enhancements, Fred Meyer has long invested in crime deterrents and safety technologies. These include the deployment of third-party contracted security guards, the presence of public view monitors for increased visibility, installation of locking cases for high-value items, use of security tags, locking carts to prevent theft, installation of exit alarms to detect unauthorized departures, and the use of security cables to secure products.

"At Fred Meyer we understand the role we play in providing critical goods to the Portland community and we take that very seriously," said Fred Meyer President, Todd Kammeyer. “We have a moral responsibility to seek solutions that will allow us to continue to serve our hometown for another 100 years."

The Portland Mayor's office is strongly supportive of these new measures. "Portland is proud to partner with Fred Meyer in this crucial initiative," said Mayor Wheeler. "We recognize the critical role Fred Meyer plays to our residents, and this partnership exemplifies our joint effort to combat crime, increase safety, and serve the needs of our diverse community."

Fred Meyer is dedicated to serving the Portland community and thanks its customers for their understanding and support in this endeavor.

Source: Fred Meyer

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