Talks To End Senate Walkout At Impasse

Photo: Ford, Brad

Governor Tina Kotek announced that after more than a week of talks with Senate Republican leadership to end their ongoing walkout, negotiations have reached an impasse. She released the following statement as an update to Oregonians:

“Over the last nine days, I have met with all four legislative caucuses, held five meetings with Senate Republican Leader Knopp and continued conversations with leadership from both parties in the Senate and House. I listened to everyone’s concerns and came to negotiations as a good faith effort to address certain process issues raised by Senate Republicans, and to revive and pass a number of their legislative priorities. I put forward an earnest proposal based on the Senate Republicans’ priorities and concerns that included compromises by the Senate President and Speaker of the House on a variety of process and policy issues. I never promised anything I didn’t think I could deliver on. 

“After a week of productive conversations and continued attempts to work with the Senate Republican caucus to revive a number of their priorities, I am disappointed that Senator Knopp has made clear to me that there is not a path forward unless House Bill 2002 is substantially amended or dead. It is clear from my conversations that negotiating on House Bill 2002 is not an option. The bill has already passed the House and is scheduled for a floor vote in the Senate, where it has broad support. Today, the Senate Republican walkout is entering its fifth week and is already the longest in Oregon history. There is still a window for Senate Republicans to return to the table and achieve some of their policy goals for the session and deliver for Oregonians, but it is getting more narrow by the hour.”

Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend) released the following statement: “Republicans entered good-faith discussions with the Governor over the last several days. Our goal was to find a bipartisan resolution for the end of Session resulting in the passage of substantially bipartisan budgets and bills. Unfortunately, the Governor was focused on a return to the status quo: an agenda that is unlawful, uncompromising, and unconstitutional. If Democrats want us to provide a quorum before June 25th, they must agree to follow Senate Rules, follow the law, and work to put forward constitutional, bipartisan bills that don’t violate a parents’ sacred right to love and care for their child. In the meantime, we will continue to work every day on behalf of the Oregonians we took an oath to represent.”

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