Snowy Owls Arrive At Oregon Zoo

Photo: Ford, Brad

Two snowy owls are making themselves at home in the zoo’s North America area this month. Visitors can find the fluffy white pair — named Rocky and Banff — in their new habitat near mountain goats and black bears.  

“Snowy owls are known for their striking appearance, and Rocky and Banff are no exception,” said Jennifer Osburn Eliot, who oversees the zoo’s North America area. “As a male, Banff’s feathers are bright white, while female Rocky’s feathers are white with a dark bar pattern.” 

Unlike many of their owl cousins, snowy owls spend a lot of their time on the ground, perching on rocks or logs. Also unlike most owls, snowy owls are active during the day. Eliot reports that Banff and Rocky are especially lively at dawn and dusk.  

The pair arrived at the Oregon Zoo last month, and care staff say they’ve settled right into their new home. Their move was recommended by the Species Survival Plan for snowy owls, a cooperative program among accredited zoos to promote genetically diverse, self-sustaining populations of at-risk species.  

In the wild, snowy owls are threatened by habitat loss due to climate change. During migration, they’re especially vulnerable to threats from human development like car collisions, wind turbines and airplanes.  

Source: Oregon Zoo 

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