Operator Selected For North Portland Safe Rest Village

Photo: Ford, Brad

The City of Portland’s Safe Rest Village Program is pleased to announce that Urban Alchemy has been selected as the shelter operator for the Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village, located at 6767 N Syracuse St., Portland. Construction is nearing completion at the Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village.

Urban Alchemy brings experience from managing outdoor shelters, hiring those with lived experience and providing services to those moving from the streets to outdoor shelters as they work to transition from life unsheltered to housing or whatever is next in their paths.

“My team and I have seen firsthand how Urban Alchemy’s shelters work, how they provide services and support for those sheltered there, and how their approach fosters community and stability to those experiencing houselessness,” Commissioner Dan Ryan said. “The City of Portland is lucky to bring this type of experience to the mix of talented local service providers. We know there is often more than one solution to any challenge and having a variety of service providers helps diversify the approaches we are offering to help those most in need.”

“Urban Alchemy's mission is to help people in crisis get connected to services and support and feel a sense of love, compassion, and safety. We actively recruit and train former long-term offenders and individuals with lived homeless experiences. These shared life experiences assist in building a strong relationship based on empathy and mutual respect,” said Dr. Lena Miller, CEO and Founder of Urban Alchemy. "We are honored to continue to grow our presence in Oregon and be an invaluable partner in creating peace so that some of the most vulnerable people have the support they need.”

Once the Peninsula Crossing Safe Rest Village is open and Urban Alchemy has operations underway, conversations with the neighbors and stakeholders will restart regarding the Good Neighbor Agreement for this village.

We will share the opening date for this site soon.

Source: City of Portland

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