MetroPaint Earth Day Giveaway

Photo: Ford, Brad

MetroPaint is partnering with Earth Day Oregon to host a paint drive and giveaway from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 22. The event will take place at the MetroPaint Outlet, located at 4825 N Basin Ave. in Portland.

The public is invited to drop off unwanted latex paint so that it can be repurposed and remade. People who participate in the paint drive will receive up to 10 gallons of limited-edition MetroPaint for free, plus 20 percent off the standard collection.

Several local businesses and non-profit organizations will be at the event to provide additional giveaways including the ReBuilding Center, Lovett Deconstruction and Salvage Shop, AdoptOneBlock, PaintCare and Miller Paint.

The Earth Day event will help MetroPaint continue its mission to keep paint out of landfills. The program has remade millions of gallons of paint over the last 20 years, reducing the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that result when paint breaks down and conserving the water and raw materials needed to make new paint.

The event will also showcase the newly expanded MetroPaint Outlet, which offers a rotating selection of limited-edition paint for only $9 a gallon in addition to the standard collection that is available for $18 a gallon.

MetroPaint is a program of Metro. The program accepts and remakes unwanted latex paint year-round, in partnership with PaintCare Oregon. Learn more at

Source: Metro

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