Clark County Sheriff Starts Body Camera Test

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has started a 30-day field test of Axon body-worn and vehicle-mounted cameras.

County Manager Kathleen Otto, Sheriff John Horch, and the Clark County Deputy Sheriff's Guild have agreed to run a 30-day field test of Axon body-worn and vehicle-mounted cameras on patrol, which will start today, April 2, 2023. 

The Sheriff's Office identified three deputies and one sergeant to wear the Axon cameras as part of the field test. Two of the deputies will also test the vehicle-mounted camera system.  

Earlier this week, Axon representatives were at the Sheriff’s Office West Precinct, training staff on how to use the Axon body-worn and vehicle-mounted cameras. Axon staff showed the deputies how the camera systems functioned and helped with fitting and installing the systems. Axon staff also worked with Information Technology (IT), Public Disclosure, Evidence personnel, and other stakeholders to familiarize them with the products.

The trial period allows the Sheriff's Office to test the required workflows that go along with the program. Deputies will familiarize themselves with the equipment, their operation, and the policies that govern their use. Sheriff’s Office Support Specialists assigned to the public disclosure unit will see how to manage, preserve, and redact videos. Sheriff's Office Evidence Technicians will be able to see how video evidence is managed in the Axon evidence management software. The County IT staff will have the opportunity to get familiar with the Axon system and how it will interface with other IT infrastructure.  

Administrative Chief Michael McCabe, who oversees the Body Worn Camera (BWC) Program, has stated that work continues daily towards full implementation of the program. The goal is to begin fielding the equipment later this year, with the deployment taking place over several phases.

To get an idea of the size of this project, there are 146 sworn positions within the Sheriff’s Office, which include deputies, detectives, sergeants, commanders, and executive positions.  

Source: Clark County Sheriff's Office

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