Halling Sentenced To 45 Years

Photo: Ford, Brad

Dante James Halling, age 60, was sentenced today after pleading guilty to six counts of Attempted Murder and one count of Burglary in the Second for the attempted murder of five sheriff’s deputies and one Tualatin police officer in August of 2019. Chief Deputy District Attorney Bracken McKey prosecuted the case before Judge Beth Roberts. At the sentencing, Judge Roberts noted Mr. Halling’s extensive criminal history and expressed the need to ensure the public’s safety, before sentencing Mr. Halling to 45 years in prison, all of which will be served under Ballot Measure 11. 

On August 8, 2019, Mr. Halling burglarized an outdoor shed of a Scoggins Valley Road residence, stealing a shotgun and ammunition before attempting to enter the back door of the victim’s home. Members of the victim’s family were home at the time of the attempted break in and immediately called 911. Washington County Sheriff Officers quickly dispatched Washington County Sheriff’s Tactical Negotiations Team after arriving to the property. 

Sergeant Crecelius, Corporal Justin Pelletteri, Deputy Steve Nichols, Detective Kevin Winfield, Deputy Chris Iverson, Sergeant Jeremy Braun and K9 Maize of the Tactical Negotiations Team cleared the home and brought the victims residing in the home to safety. While clearing the house, the defendant was found armed and attempting to enter the back door of the victim’s home before running into a wooded area near the residence. 

The Tactical Negotiations Team pursued Mr. Halling into the woods. Mr. Halling had concealed himself in the woods. As the Tactical Negotiations Team approached, Mr. Halling opened fire, shooting Deputy Jeremy Braun in the chest and neck, then shooting Deputy Iverson in the side and left elbow. Deputy Braun sustained traumatic injuries and nearly died, with shotgun pellets striking the carotid artery and jugular vein. Braun was life-flighted to the Oregon Health Science University trauma unit for emergency surgery, nearly dying several times. 

Mr. Halling was arrested and transported to Emanuel Hospital in Portland, for a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen he sustained during the firefight. At Emanuel Hospital, the defendant was diagnosed with “acute methamphetamine intoxication” after toxicology reports revealed a large amount of meth in the defendant’s body. 

“Judge Roberts sent an important message today — that criminals are still punished in Washington County, and we will not tolerate violence directed at law enforcement or other first responders,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Bracken McKey.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office acknowledges the work of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Oregon Health Science University Trauma Unit, Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon, Metro West Ambulance for their bravery and quick response in this matter. 

This office also commends the courage, selfless service and heroism of the Washington County Sheriff’s Tactical Negotiations Team, who put their life in harm’s way to protect our Washington County residents.

Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office

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