Oregon City Replaces Parking Kiosks

People visiting Oregon City’s downtown will be seeing some changes over the next couple of days.

City crews are on site replacing a dozen aging parking kiosks with new machines to upgrade the system and make things both easier and faster for residents and visitors alike on Main Street.

“The old machines used cellular signals that the major carriers no longer support,” said Ryan Kersey, Code Enforcement Manager with the City of Oregon City. “We are upgrading to new kiosks that support the faster cellular technology available to us now,” he said.

City officials say the plan to replace the kiosks had been delayed due to both weather and supply chain issues.

“The same weather issues and supply chain problems that our residents face when they go shopping and look for services affect the City work as well,” said Communications Manager Jarrod Lyman. “As a result, we have to be flexible to adjust to the changes and challenges that are presented to us.” 

The initial plan is to replace the 12 kiosks on Main St. between 6th and 10th streets over the next couple of days. In the future, the new kiosks will also replace the older coin-operated meters in the downtown area.  

Source: Oregon City

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