Oregon City Reports Ransomware Attack

The City of Oregon City has reported a ransomware attack. The City released the following statement:

On the morning of Monday, February 6, 2023, City IT staff became aware of a significant network disruption and immediately began an investigation. The investigation determined the City had been impacted by a sophisticated ransomware attack. The City reported this incident to law enforcement and began a thorough effort to secure and restore the City’s network.

We are pleased to report that thanks to the nearly around-the-clock efforts from our IT staff, Polar Systems, and third-party specialists brought in to assist, our network functionality has been restored and data recovery and restoration is anticipated this week. The City’s investments in backup technology have allowed the City to recover from this incident without paying a ransom.

The City has made it a top priority to determine whether any sensitive or personal identification information was at risk because of this incident. Based on the City’s thorough investigation, the City has no reason to believe any sensitive or personal identification information was accessed or acquired by an unauthorized party during this incident.

While the investigation of this incident continues, the City has already taken steps to improve the security and resiliency of our network and decrease the chance of a similar incident occurring in the future. We understand the downtime of our services was a source of frustration and inconvenience for our residents and all who do business with the City. We thank our employees and residents for their patience and cooperation while the City undertakes the thorough, methodical process necessary to recover from such an incident. 

Source: Oregon City

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