$5.3 Million Bet On Super Bowl On Oregon Lottery's DraftKings Sportsbook

Photo: Ford, Brad

If you bet purple Gatorade would be dumped on the winning coach at the end of the Super Bowl, you came out a winner. Numbers show Oregonians placed nearly 307,000 bets through Oregon Lottery’s DraftKings Sportsbook during Sunday’s big game, with wagers totaled $5.3 million. The average wager was $17.46.  

Players had more than 890 options, including the “prop bets” related to who would win the coin toss, who would be named MVP, and more. Below are results of some of the prop bets:

  • On the coin toss, 5,508 bets out of 9,793 correctly picked the winner as the Chiefs
  • Of 8,900 bets, 563 picked the Gatorade color correctly as purple
  • 819 bets won on the Octopus wager, which calls for the same player to score a touchdown and a two-point conversion. (Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts accomplished it in the fourth quarter.)

The player with the biggest win of the day collected over $21,000 on a bet placed for $350 by correctly choosing three consecutive league winners, ending with this year’s Super Bowl. 

Oregon saw a 43% increase in the number of unique, active players who placed a wager on the gaming platform from 2022. Overall, sports betting activity is up from last year, when Oregon players placed more than 245,000 bets with a value of $4.5 million. Oregon Lottery debuted sports betting in October 2019. 

To play Oregon Lottery’s DraftKings Sportsbook or for more about the game, go to https://www.oregonlottery.org/sports/.

Source: Oregon Lottery

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