Wheeler Announces Central Eastside Reset

Photo: Ford, Brad

Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) officially kicked off a ‘90-day reset plan’ to help revitalize the Central Eastside Industrial District. Key elements of the 90-day plan include reducing the number of unauthorized tents by 70%, removing graffiti, improving lighting, and removing stolen/abandoned vehicles.

“Since the November listening session, my team has met with the CEIC, the local Enhanced Service District – ‘Central Eastside Together,’ and others to set goals for the next 90 days and beyond,” said Mayor Ted Wheeler. “The resounding consensus from business visits and conversations was that they needed our help to address key issues like break-ins, graffiti abatement, trash cleanup, and public safety improvements. This action-focused 90-day plan addresses these concerns, and I appreciate that we are able to kick it off today."

Developing the reset plan began following a business forum CEIC convened in November that over 140 employers attended. The overwhelming message was the need to take immediate action to address crime and safety concerns within the district, specifically the inner core.

Since November, the City began providing targeted clean-up efforts in the Central Eastside area. This included the removal of 125 unsanctioned campsites that posed a significant threat to public health, public safety or blocked public rights-of-way and the removal of 14,000 square feet of graffiti from the neighborhood.

“Portlanders pride themselves on recognizing one another’s humanity and honoring each other’s lived experiences,” said Clare Briglio, Executive Director of Central Eastside Industrial Council and Central Eastside Together. “Our business owners are compassionate people who care deeply about the Central Eastside and who want to see our city, and everyone who works and lives here, thrive. But the status quo is failing both our businesses and our community members experiencing houselessness. This reset is an opportunity to rebuild our District.”

Source: Portland Mayor

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