Oregon Starts Accepting Applications For Psilocybin Program

Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) has begun accepting applications for licenses for manufacturers, laboratories, service centers and facilitators.

OPS, located at the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division, has posted information on how to apply for the license types on its website, Oregon.gov/psilocybin. OPS began accepting applications Jan. 2.

Under the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act, or ORS 475A, a client 21 and older may access psilocybin services and will be required to complete a preparation session with a licensed facilitator before participating in an administration session. The client will only access psilocybin at a licensed service center during an administration session. Integration sessions will be made available after administration sessions to further support clients.

Psilocybin products must be cultivated or processed by licensed manufacturers and tested by licensed, accredited testing laboratories before being sold to licensed service centers. Service centers are the only licensee authorized to sell psilocybin products to clients and only for consumption at the licensed service center during administration sessions.

It will take some time for these four license types to become licensed and set up operations. Licensees will determine the cost of their services and the scheduling of clients once they are licensed and open for business.

For the latest updates, subscribe to the Oregon psilocybin Services distribution list at: oregon.gov/psilocybin 

Source: Oregon Health Authority

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