Bank Card Skimmers Found At Convenience Stores

On November 25, 2022, employees of a 7-11 store in Hazel Dell reported a subject had applied a card reader skimmer to the card reader located at the register. Deputies arrived and retrieved the item as well as evidence related to the suspect's activities at the store. The item will be submitted for forensic processing and deputies will follow-up on any leads obtained from the device. Refer to the attached photos.

A short time later a second 7-11 store in Orchards reported the same type of device had been applied to their card reader machine. Deputies were able to determine that the same suspect applied the device at both locations. Identifying information for the suspect will be released at a later time.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office would like to thank the 7-11 employees who were vigilant in checking their equipment following some suspicious activity and likely preventing additional people from being victimized. Sheriff's deputies would like to talk to anyone who discovers that their financial information has been compromised following a visit to a 7-11 store. The Sheriff's Office would also like to remind citizens to be very careful where they use bank cards and point out any suspicious looking card reader equipment to the employees of the location where the equipment might be located.  

Source: Clark County Sheriff's Office

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