Oregon's Three Smaller Powerball Winners

Powerball jackpot dreams are still alive – and the road to a big win includes a player in Oregon with a $1 million dollar winning ticket. That ticket was sold in Portland on Wednesday. Two $50,000 tickets, also sold on Wednesday, were purchased in Portland and Troutdale. 

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday’s drawing is now estimated at $1.5 billion should the winner choose the annuity option or $745.9 million cash. It’s the second largest Powerball jackpot in history. The largest prize won in Oregon was a $340 million jackpot in 2005.

Since Monday, when the Powerball jackpot reached $1 billion, the Oregon Lottery has sold over $6.77 million in tickets. Approximately a third of those sales will be returned to state beneficiaries to support economic development, education, veteran services and more. 

The retailers who sell lottery tickets will also see added commissions from the boost in ticket sales. Additionally, if an Oregon retailer were to sell the winning jackpot ticket, they earn a $100,000 bonus. 

Powerball is a multi-state jackpot operated by 44 states, plus the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. 

The Oregon Lottery recommends that you always sign the back of your ticket to ensure you can claim any prize. In the event of winning a jackpot, players should consult with a trusted financial planner or similar professional to develop a plan for their winnings. Players also have a year to claim their prize. 

Source: Oregon Lottery

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