Portland Street Response Calls Increase

As Portland Street Response continues to hire, expand, and receive national attention, our newest 911 response option reached a impressive milestone last month, responding to their highest amount of 911 calls in their history. One year ago in October of 2021, the Portland Street Response pilot responded to 44 calls. This October, PSR responded to 824 – representing a 1773% increase in calls responded to over the course of just one year.

Following the latest budget allocation that was made available in July, Portland Street Response has been rapidly hiring new staff, and now has hired over 50 employees. When PSR first launched as a pilot in the Lents neighborhood, they had a total of 4 people working on response.

The next cohort of hires will begin training this month. PSR is on track to begin 24/7, citywide coverage by the end of this year. 

Source: Office of Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty

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