House Damaged By Fire

Photo: Ford, Brad

Portland Fire & Rescue responded to a reported attic fire just after 7 AM today near NE 144th and Fremont Street. As crews were enroute the dispatcher informed them that all residents had successfully evacuated the home.

The first 2 arriving crews established a water supply of a close fire hydrant and began to work in offensive mode by pulling the required hoses and getting water onto the fire. There were reports that fire had burned through the roof making the roof work difficult and possibly unsafe. The crews were accessing the fire from below by pulling ceiling throughout the main level of the residence to gain access to the active fire in the attic space. Homes of this generation have a decking style of ceiling making the access a bit challenging for the working crews.

There was discovery of a scuttle hole to the attic from the garage space and a hose line was stretched to this location to add another hose line to the fire attack. After the crews were alerted to the 10-minute time tracker from the BOEC dispatcher on the call it was reported that there was a good “knock on the fire” or much of the fire had been extinguished in a short period of time the fire was completely extinguished.

All searches of the home throughout the emergency incident confirmed that all residents were safely outside. PF&R would like to remind you that exiting a home when smoke detectors are activated is critical in your safety. 

There were no reported injuries to residents or responding fire crews. An investigator is enroute to the fire to assist the officers in determining the cause. The power company is also in route to the location. Two adults will be displaced for an unknown period.

Portland Fire & Rescue would like to acknowledge and thank our partners from BOEC, Gresham Fire & Rescue, and the power company helping us at this incident. We would also like to thank and acknowledge the citizens on scene who provided us with pictures and videos.

Source: Portland Fire & Rescue

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