Portland Fire & Rescue Battles House Fire

Portland Fire responded to a residential fire in the Irvington Neighborhood near Northeast 9th and Tillamook at 12:39 a.m. this morning. The first arriving crews found a large multi-story home that was under construction completely involved with fire that was impinging on the neighboring homes. The first arriving officer called for an immediate second alarm to respond to the fire scene.

The first arriving engine to the addressed side arrived and used their deck gun to aggressively flow water on the neighboring homes to limit the damage to any of the exposure homes. Another engine was directed to the backside of the home to protect the home on that side of the fire structure. To gain access to this side of the home, the crews were forced to cut through two fences and stretch the fire hose through neighboring yards. 

A defensive style fire attack was performed on the main fire structure while flowing water to protect the neighboring homes to the north and south. There was a complete structural collapse of the initial fire with the entire home falling in onto itself. Prior to the collapse of the structure, fire damaged and dropped the temporary electrical service lines used at the addressed home. This forced crews had to work around live electrical lines on the ground until Pacific Power was able to arrive and cut service to those affected power lines.

The house to the south was blistered by heat and the windows of the upper levels were completely blown out so fire crews began to flow water through the windows to prevent fire spread and damage. Crews also stretched hose through the front door of the home to access the upper levels to perform and interior style attack if needed. It was found that the water from the exterior was able to control any fire spread in this home. The efforts of the crews on scene saved this house and is tenable with the residents staying there tonight.

The house to the north had fire impinging on the eaves from the main fire structure and some well-established shrubs that were burning on the property line. This impingement led to an attic fire that was in itself its own residential fire with much of the efforts of the second alarm companies working on this home. There was little heat and smoke on the main level as the firefighters made entry through the front door but the attic was fully involved with fire showing through the gable end windows and beginning to push out the side of the roof. Many of the void spaces in the upper stories were opened up using tools and saws to gain access to the active fire and prevent any further spread. The fire was limited to the upper level of the home and was extinguished at 1:37 AM, just under hour after the initial emergency call was sent out by the BOEC dispatch center. This house is not tenable, and the residents are staying across the street with neighbors.

The main fire home is currently being fenced off with fire crews performing fire watch through the rest of the night. Our investigations unit will begin sorting through the fire home in the morning to determine cause. There were no reported injuries to residents or fire crews working on scene.

This was a cooperative effort from over 80 individuals from PF&R, BOEC Dispatch Center, and Pacific Power.

Source: Portland Fire & Rescue

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