Vancouver Police Arrest Man Approaching Children

On September 16, 2022, Vancouver Police were notified of a suspicious male who was reportedly talking with middle school aged kids at a school bus stop in the area of NE 144th Avenue/Hearthwood Blvd. The male was offering the kids candy, inviting them to come over to his house and put his mouth on one child’s ear. A Vancouver Police Detective from the Children’s Justice Center was assigned to investigate. 

On September 22, the detective parked near the bus stop and witnessed the male approach kids and begin talking with them. The detective contacted the male and subsequently conducted an interview. Following the interview, the male was released, pending further investigation. On September 26, shortly after obtaining additional witness statements regarding the male’s behavior at the bus stop, Vancouver Police Patrol responded to an incident in which a male was seen standing near a school in the area of NE Hearthwood Blvd. with his hands down his pants touching himself. That individual was the same male that was being investigated for the incidents at the bus stop. 

Later that afternoon, on September 26, 2022, Vancouver Police arrested and booked into the Clark County Jail, 60-year-old Jacques D. Lesuer for one count of Stalking, one count of Luring, and one count of Assault IV with sexual motivation. 

Source: Vancouver Police

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