High Fire Danger Over Labor Day Weekend

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz is asking members of the public to help prevent wildfire starts during the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Citing elevated temperatures and dry fuel conditions, Franz highlighted the need to protect both residents and fire fighters from avoidable wildfire danger.

“Fire season is not over. Over the 2020 Labor Day weekend, more than 500,000 acres of land burned in just 36 hours,” Franz said. “We’ve seen firsthand that a single spark, in the right conditions, can make or break an entire fire season. Let’s all make sure we’re not that spark this holiday weekend.”

There have been 445 DNR fires across Washington so far this season – the lowest number of ignitions in the last decade – burning approximately 40,000 acres. However, hot and dry conditions are projected east of the Cascades and parts of the western side of the state Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with very active wildfire conditions expected.

Additionally, fuels across the state remain primed to burn ahead of another hot and dry week. Many of the Fire Danger Rating areas throughout central Washington are at a High or Very High rating. Most of western Washington is now rated High with the northwest corner rated Moderate. You can track those ratings here.

“Thanks to a wet spring, and the hard work of our firefighters and aviation crews, we’ve largely been fortunate so far this fire season,” Franz said. “But we’re not out of the woods yet. Washingtonians must continue to be vigilant and responsible.”

Source: Washington Commissioner of Public Lands

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