Vancouver Wants Resident's Opinions

The City of Vancouver is launching its community survey on August 3 and urges residents to “pick up” the phone between August 3-9 to tell the City what they think about livability, city services and community priorities.

“We really want to encourage people to pick up their phones if they receive a call or text inviting them to take the community survey,” said Communications Director Laura Shepard. “The survey provides residents an opportunity to tell us about their experiences with City services, quality of life, and what is important to them as Vancouver residents.”

The City has contracted with DHM Research, a northwest-based research firm to help develop and conduct the survey. Individuals contacted by text to take the survey will know it is the City’s survey by seeing the City’s logo/wordmark in the text. If you are contacted by phone, the surveyor will clearly identify themselves as being from KGS Research.

The survey will be offered in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese to ensure individuals can take the survey in their preferred language. 

The City conducts a community survey approximately every two years. The results will be published on the City’s website. 

Source: City of Vancouver

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