Secretary Of State Wants Ballot Counting Plan

The following is a statement from Secretary of State Shemia Fagan on Clackamas County election results. Secretary Fagan’s initial statement from May 17 is available here.

“I know there are a lot of questions about the timing of elections results in Clackamas County. I want to reassure Oregonians that the process in Clackamas is accurate, secure and transparent.

"As your Secretary of State, I assure you that every vote will be counted. Every voice will be heard."

“Unfortunately, Clackamas County Elections did not respond to this crisis with appropriate urgency during the past two weeks. Voters and candidates deserve timely and predictable results, which we have not seen so far.

“County election officials have taken steps to staff up their operation on Wednesday and Thursday. We thank County Administrator Gary Schmidt and the County Commissioners for prioritizing this issue and making staff available to the county’s election division. My office has requested a written plan from the County Clerk showing how these extra resources will be used and a detailed timeline showing that the work will be completed on time.

“I am ready and eager to provide additional support as needed.”

Source: Oregon Secretary of State

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