Oregon Zoo Adds To Catio

Two friendly new felines have taken up temporary residence at the Oregon Zoo’s Catio, presented by Banfield Pet Hospital. The Catio — a patio for cats — gives guests a chance to meet the zoo’s cuddliest residents, learn how to create a catio environment at home and maybe even adopt a cat of their own.

Tony, a confident tuxedo cat who is missing one eye, resembles a Bond villain or a “fancy pirate,” according to Dr. Sarena Gill, who oversees the zoo’s ambassador animal program. Tony’s companion, Trevor, is suave, gray and affectionate.

“Catios let cats experience the outside world safely, and they also help protect the birds and other wildlife that are all around us,” Dr. Gill said.

Resembling a front porch enclosed by a mesh screen, the space offers lots of places for cats to scratch, climb and play — plus chairs and cushions for naptime or comfortable people-watching.

The Catio is part of an ongoing partnership between Banfield and the zoo that has also included education programming for camps and classes, an enrichment guide for cats large and small, and “Big Cat Care” — a keeper talk and enrichment demonstration at the zoo’s lion habitat.

The Catio houses adoptable foster cats from the Pixie Project, a Portland animal adoption and rescue center. Tony and Trevor have already found their fur-ever homes, but as new cats move in, zoo guests may apply to adopt them.

 Source: Oregon Zoo

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