COVID-19 Cases Increase In Oregon

The COVID-19 Biweekly Data Report, released today, shows an increase in cases and COVID-19-related deaths and a decrease in COVID-19-related hospitalizations since the previous biweekly period.

OHA reported 18,447 new cases of COVID-19 from May 2 to May 15, a 51% rise over the previous biweekly total of 12,234.

There were 208 new COVID-19-related hospitalizations during the biweekly period, down slightly from 218 reported during the previous two-week period.

“Case numbers continue to climb, and we also expect the state will see more than 300 COVID-19-positive patients in Oregon’s hospitals by early June,” said Dr. Paul Cieslak, medical director for communicable diseases and immunizations at OHA. “The virus continues to spread throughout our state, and those who are getting together outside of their homes will eventually be exposed to it.”

There were 58 COVID-19-related deaths, up from the 50 reported during the previous two weeks.

“Being vaccinated and boosted remains the best way to protect yourself from severe disease,” said Cieslak.

There were 193,475 tests for COVID-19 administered during the weeks of May 1 to May 14, with a test positivity rate of 10.5%.

Today’s COVID-19 Biweekly Outbreak Report shows 104 total active outbreaks in care facilities, senior living communities and congregate care living settings with three or more confirmed COVID-19 cases or one or more COVID-19-related deaths.

Source: Oregon Health Authority

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