Police Return Stolen Items

The North Neighborhood Response Team investigation continues to reunite suspected stolen property with the rightful owners after a recent camp abatement. So far, officers have identified the owners of the following items and returned them:

* More than $10,000 worth of LED lighting equipment taken in a burglary in early April in North Portland

* Tattoo machines and artist portfolios stolen in a burglary in Tigard in mid-April. Thanks to Grizzly Tattoo for helping us locate the impacted tattoo artist!

* A steel drum, saxophone, and instrument cases worth more than $5,000 taken in a vehicle prowl in North Portland in mid-April. This involved a person who was moving from California to Washington State with a stopover in Portland who found their items stolen from a U-Haul. There is still one saxophone in a hard case and other personal items missing from this incident.

This remains an ongoing investigation and investigators are trying to identify any suspects who may be involved in the burglaries and thefts. There are also three recovered laptops with identifying information the officers are working to get returned to the owners, including two local school districts.

The investigators were able to quickly identify the rightful owners of several items because the owners had contact information or unique identifiers on the items. We encourage community members to photograph or write a list of serial numbers for their valuables in the event of a theft and mark them with identifiers whenever possible. If you are the victim of a theft, please report the crime at: https://www.portland.gov/police/police-report-online-submission

“Getting these items back to the owners is very meaningful for our investigators and the owners because it means they can continue their passion and their livelihood,” said Commander Tina Jones. “Many of these cases are impacting small business owners, musicians, and artists who rely upon these items to provide service and bring joy to our community.”

Source: Portland Police

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