Portland Police Rescue Lost Pig

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, just after midnight, an East Precinct Officer was driving near the area of Southeast Division Street and Southeast 138th Avenue when she observed traffic slowing in front of her and appearing to drive around something in the road. As she approached, the officer saw that the object was actually a pig standing in the eastbound travel lanes of Southeast Division Street.

Other officers came to assist and animal control was called. Officers worked to contain their new pig friend and keep him safe from passing vehicles. They also wanted to make sure the pig did not further interfere with motorists and cause a serious crash.

While keeping this human perimeter, there were a few short foot pursuits, and officers tried to establish a rapport. In an effort to keep the pig calm and contained, an officer arrived with snacks, including Goldfish crackers and cookies (he was not a fan of nacho cheese Doritos).

Fortunately, staff from the On Call Community Rescue for Animals (located in Oregon City) arrived and after several tense attempts, all seven humans were able to safely coral one small pig into a crate.

At this time, the pig remains known as John Doe, though many other creative names were suggested including one after a famous actor whose last name is Bacon.

Portland Police would like anyone who knows the identity of John Doe's owner to call the shelter directly.

Source: Portland Police Bureau

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