Metro Council Approves Next Step In I-205 Tolling Project

Photo: ODOT

The Metro Council approved amendments to the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), and the 2021-2026 Metro Improvement Program (MTIP) to add the preliminary engineering phase of the I-205 Toll Project to the guiding regional transportation documents. The vote allows the project to proceed with an environmental assessment and further design work. 

The I-205 Toll Project will use variable-rate tolls on the Abernethy and Tualatin River Bridges to raise revenue to complete the I-205 Improvements Project and to reduce congestion.

Previously, the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation recommended the Metro Council approve the amendments.  

“ODOT appreciates the continued feedback and engagement from the members of the Metro Council and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation. Today’s vote ensures positive forward progress toward an equitable toll program for all travelers, and the vital safety and seismic improvements on I-205,” said Mandy Putney, ODOT’s Urban Mobility Office Director of Strategic Initiatives. “We look forward to continued engagement with stakeholders throughout the region as we work to bring these projects to fruition.” 

ODOT is moving forward with the development of the I-205 Toll Project Environmental Assessment. It will present an analysis of two alternatives: the Build Alternative (tolling) and the No Build Alternative. The Environmental Assessment will be available for public review and comment this summer.

Source: ODOT

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