Portland Police Add Speed Racing Patrols

As the weather improves, the Portland Police Bureau anticipates illegal and dangerous street racing/sliding/takeovers will increase in frequency. Therefore, PPB has been working to plan and gather resources to conduct regular enforcement missions to combat this unsafe behavior.

PPB wants to remind participants that this illegal activity can result in jail time, fines, and towed vehicles.

In addition to state statutes, Portland City Code addresses this dangerous activity.

1. Unlawful street takeover event means an activity that is:

a. Unpermitted;

b. Preplanned or contemporaneously coordinated by two or more persons; and

c. Involves one or more persons demonstrating, exhibiting, or comparing the maneuverability or power of one or more motor vehicles in a curved direction, in a circular direction, or around corners, including but not limited to by breaking traction in a curved or circular direction or around corners

2. A person commits the offense of an Unlawful Street Takeover if, in a public place or upon a highway, the person knowingly operates a motor vehicle while engaged in an unlawful street takeover event

3. 1. Highway means the entire width of a public right-of-way when any portion thereof is intended for motor vehicle movement or motor vehicle access to abutting property.

3.2. Public place means an area, whether publicly or privately owned, generally open to the public and includes, without limitation, the grounds surrounding buildings or dwellings, streets, sidewalks, bridges, tunnels, alleys, plazas, parks, driveways, and parking lots.

See the full ordinance here: https://www.portland.gov/code/14/a30/080

The Portland Police Bureau will continue its efforts in educating community members about the dangers of speed racing. This education will be conducted on our social media platforms and through one-on-one conversations with participants. Enforcement action will also continue against individuals who are suspected of committing these types of crimes.

Irresponsible driving practices can have a deadly outcome. There have been 19 traffic-related fatalities within the City of Portland this year.

Every year, Portland Police officers respond to preventable collisions. These collisions can deeply impact those involved, their families and loved ones.

Source: Portland Police Bureau

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