New Oregon License Plate Debuts May 4

DMV will start issuing a new license plate May 4 for the Oregon Wildlife Foundation. The “Watch for Wildlife” plate is available for passenger cars only.

You can order a set of plates starting May 4. Do it the easy way – online through DMV2U – or you can go to a DMV field office. Field offices are open for walk-up service and some offices also offer appointments. You can also order the plates when you purchase a car at an Oregon dealership. To maintain fair distribution of desirable low plate numbers, DMV will not accept pre-orders.

This plate raises funds for the Oregon Wildlife Foundation through an additional $40 donation when DMV issues, renews or replaces the plates. That is in addition to plate manufacture, registration, and any other vehicle fees that normally apply, including local registration fees in Clackamas, Multnomah or Washington counties.

Customers who purchased a $40 voucher from the foundation during the plate’s launch phase can use the voucher at a DMV office or when purchasing a car at an Oregon car dealership, but not online at DMV2U. All plate holders will be able to renew online the next time their registration fees are due.

The Watch for Wildlife plates begin at WW 00001, and DMV issues them in order. You cannot reserve a specific plate number in the series, but can apply for a custom configuration. The plate will also be available in amateur radio (HAM), honorary consular or elected official versions.

More on plate options and fees

Source: Oregon DMV

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