Deadline To Remove Studded Tires March 31

Oregon and Washington drivers have until March 31 to remove studded tires or potentially face a fine.

In both Oregon and Washington, the season to use studded tires runs from November 1 - March 31.

Studded tires are allowed for a limited time during the winter, because they cause millions of dollars in damage to roads every year.

Alternatives to studded tires Chains and chain-like devices

  • Chains are more effective than studded tires and are becoming easier to install and use.
  • Check your owner’s manual: link chains may not be recommended for use on some types of vehicles.

Other traction tires

  • Traction tires other than studded tires provide increased traction in winter conditions.
  • They work about as well as studded tires on ice, but work better than studded tires or regular tires in most other winter conditions.
  • These other traction tires cause no more damage to road surfaces than regular tires.

Snow socks

Snow socks are a textile covering that slips over your tires. Snow socks are a viable option if you need temporary traction to get out of a snowy spot.

In Washington, the fine for using studded tires after March 31 is $136. In Oregon the fine is nearly $200.

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