New Beaverton Parking Garage

The City of Beaverton is excited to announce the opening of a new public parking garage in downtown Beaverton to complement growing activity in the area.

The Beaverton Central Parking garage is located at 12695 SW Crescent Street and features 270 public parking spots, eight ADA accessible spaces, and will include four public electric vehicle charging stations. The garage was designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification, including the installation of solar panels and other environmentally friendly elements.

The new garage will help meet increased district parking needs as long-planned amenities—like The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts (“The Reser”)—open for community enjoyment.

“This new public parking garage complements our downtown development—especially our restaurants and our vibrant City center,” said Mayor Beaty. “With more accessible parking, I’m excited for everyone to come experience all of the rad things happening in downtown Beaverton.”

The seven-story mixed use garage, located at the corner of Rose Biggi Avenue and Crescent Street, also adds 6,500 square feet of ground floor commercial retail space to Beaverton Central. Planning and design occurred in coordination with The Reser and includes two prominent public artwork pieces, highlighting the connection between the two projects.

Parking at the new garage is available to the public 24 hours a day at the following rates:

0 to 8 hrs: $1 per hour

8+ to 24 hrs: $15 flat rate

Lost ticket: $18

The garage is funded by the Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA)—the agency responsible for administering and monitoring urban redevelopment and renewal activities within the city.

“As Beaverton grows, the garage is a great investment and asset for the area supporting responsible growth and development,” said Councilor Nadia Hasan, BURA Chair. “It mitigates traffic congestion and gives our community the option to park their cars and participate in active transportation.”

The new parking garage is the latest parking improvement to downtown. Other parking options are available throughout the city center.

Visit for a mobile-friendly map with parking details like private and public options, on-street parking, time limitations, and more.

Source: City of Beaverton

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