Morrison Bridge To Honor Tongan Community

The evening of Friday, Feb.18, the Willamette Light Brigade will light up the Morrison Bridge with the colors of the Flag of Tonga, red and white, in support of the Tongan community in Oregon and their loved ones in Tonga.  

Before the eruption, the Tonga borders had been essentially closed to avoid the spread of COVID-19, and had been COVID-19 free for two years. Now the country is grappling with the disasters from the eruption of Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai volcano, the tsunami, and the rising number of COVID-19 cases.  

“I know what it means to be far away from family and friends when significant events take place, and I feel so deeply for the Tongan community right now, as they grieve and try to help their loved ones in the Pacific islands,” said Commissioner Susheela Jayapal, who sponsored the bridge lighting. “I admire the strength of the Tongan community here in Multnomah County, and know that they have an undeniable spirit as they continue to support Tongans across the ocean.”

If you would like to see the lighting at dusk this evening, and hear the Tongan choir sing songs of faith in traditional harmonies, please join them at Tom McCall Waterfront Park at dusk. 

Source: Willamette Light Brigade

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