Revenue Soars Into Oregon $804-Million

Photo: ODOT

Revenue coming into the State of Oregon has boosted the state's general fund by $804-million.

State Economist Mark McMullen says the increase is driven by the strong economy, the corporate tax, personal income tax, and the estate tax.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown says the windfall should go toward housing, child care, workers, and businesses.

“Our latest state revenue projections present an opportunity to make investments that spur a strong economic recovery and support working families, especially those who have been hardest hit by the pandemic, wildfires, and the unprecedented challenges Oregonians have faced in the last two years.

“This is a pivotal moment for Oregon. We have a windfall of one-time resources this year, and we have the opportunity to make big investments—and to do the big and bold work to help our working families and businesses thrive. We cannot miss this moment.

“While I am pleased to see growth in wages for Oregonians, there is more work we need to do to grow, develop, and support our workforce. Now is the time to make critical investments in housing, child care, workers, and businesses to help jumpstart growth and keep our economy moving.

“And as we work to help Oregon families succeed, with these additional resources at the midpoint of session, we also have an opportunity to ensure that every Oregonian feels safe in their community. I will continue to work with legislators to address community safety, and I encourage members of both parties to bring forward their ideas for evidence-based community violence prevention and intervention. When we invest in and create opportunities for Oregonians and their families, we create safer, healthier communities.”

Republican State Representative Lily Morgan say Oregon should follow other states and cut taxes.

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