Crews Work To Repair Highway 224 From Wildfire Damage

Photo: ODOT

Tree removal, new guardrails and new mesh are all under way this week as crews continue working toward re-opening OR 224 east of Estacada, closed since the Labor Day 2020 wildfires.

Access to the Clackamas River along OR 224 is expected to be available by the Memorial Day weekend. ODOT and the U.S. Forest Service are still developing a timeline for when the road can safely re-open.

What’s happening now

  • Helicopters are airlifting new mesh panels onto upper slopes. The mesh will help restrain debris.
  • Installation continues of more than eight miles of new guardrails in 11 areas, replacing guardrails damaged or destroyed. This includes new guardrails in areas stripped of roadside trees and now in need of new roadside protection.
  • Trucks continue removing trees stacked in sites along the road.
  • Paving continues where the road was damaged.
  • Arborists are inspecting sites to make sure trees no longer present threats.

For more information go to the Wildfire Recovery website.

Source: ODOT

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